Repipe plumbing used to be a very large, time-consuming, and expensive endeavor. Now, it is possible to completely repipe your home in a single day with non-invasive techniques. Don’t trust repipe plumbing to anyone but the best. Swell Plumbing of Newport Beach has decades of experience, a history of satisfied customers, and the expertise to get the job done efficiently and affordably.

Why Choose Swell Plumbing for Repipe Services?

• Licensed, certified plumbers in Newport Beach
• PEX and copper repiping
• One-day repiping services
• Repipe without damaging your home
• Latest technology including video inspection equipment
• Friendly, respectful plumbers
• Fair pricing with no hidden costs
• Available 24/7 for plumbing emergencies

Is Repipe Plumbing Really Necessary?

No one likes to spend money on plumbing upgrades but, the fact is that repipe plumbing is sometimes absolutely necessary. When done correctly, repipe plumbing can have benefits like saving you money on plumbing and increasing the value of your home.

If you have an older home, then chances are your pipes are made from galvanized steel or zinc-coated iron. These pipes react to chemicals and minerals in water and will gradually wear out. When your older pipes wear out, you will experience problems such as:
• Drop in water pressure
• Discolored water
• Foul-smelling water
• Recurring leaks

These problems mostly occur due to corrosion within the pipes which cause pinhole leaks and buildup. The problems can be a real nuisance, such as when it takes all day for your washing machine to fill up. But, the real threat of old pipes is much more than the hassle they cause. Old pipes will leak – and those leaks can spring anywhere in the plumbing system. You might not notice a small pinhole leak in a pipe inside a wall until it has caused thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home, including mold damage which can affect your health.

The professional plumbers at Swell Plumbing can determine whether repipe plumbing is necessary for your home. We do this by inspecting your pipes with video equipment. Based on the condition of your pipes, we can recommend solutions such as replacing all pipes, replacing only badly-worn pipes, or replacing exposed pipes. Our plumbers operate with integrity and will never recommend repipe plumbing when it is not necessary.

Repipe Services without Damaging Your Home

The biggest concern homeowners have about repipe plumbing is that the plumbers will need to open their walls to access the pipes, causing serious damage in the process. We understand this concern and do everything in our power to avoid damaging your home. In some cases, we are even able to do a complete repipe with no visible damages.

When damages are a concern, PEX piping is often the best choice for repipe plumbing. Our plumbers can make small access holes in hidden places (like behind cupboards) and snake the flexible PEX tubing into place. We can almost always find a way to avoid cutting into tile walls and other areas which would be costly to patch up. When you call Swell Plumbing for a repipe estimate, our plumbers will do a walkthrough with you and point out areas which may need to be cut open. We always respect your property!

PEX or Copper for a Repipe?

There are two main materials which are used for repipe plumbing: PEX tubing and copper pipes. For most homes, PEX tubing is the better choice of material for a repipe.

PEX tubing has been around since the 1980s. It resembles a garden hose and is flexible, but very strong and durable. The main benefit of PEX tubing is that it is very cheap compared to copper piping, and also that it is very fast to install. Lengths of PEX tubing can be threaded through small openings in walls then connected with joints. Because of the flexibility of PEX tubing, fewer joints are needed. PEX tubing can even be connected to existing piping, including copper pipes. PEX tubing is very resistant to extreme temperatures and is less likely than copper pipes to freeze and burst. PEX tubing also won’t lose heat like copper will, so it is more energy efficient.

By comparison, copper pipes are quite expensive and are even subject to theft. Because they are rigid, it is also much more difficult to install copper piping and usually an entire wall will need to be cut open to do a copper repipe. As soldering is needed for copper repipe services, it takes longer for the repipe to be completed. Copper piping does have a longer lifespan and warranty than PEX tubing. However, it can still corrode in the presence of chlorine and acidic water – something that won’t happen with PEX tubing.

The only real benefit of choosing copper piping over PEX is that it is more bacteria-resistant and can be used outdoors. Thus, PEX tubing is recommended for most home repipe plumbing services.

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