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There are numerous drains throughout your home: kitchen drains, toilet drains, bathtub drains, basement drains, laundry room drains… All of these drains are connected together by a network of wastewater pipes which ultimately go out your sewage main and into the city’s sewer system. Clogs can happen at any place within this network of pipes. Depending on where the clog is located, the clog can cause severe problems that render your entire plumbing system unusable. Don’t let drain clogs wait. Let the experts at Swell Plumbing get your drains clean with our clog rooter services.

Causes of Drain Clogs

1) Clogs from Debris Stuck in Drain
Sometimes drain clogs are caused by obvious problems, such as when too much hair gets down your shower drain or wads of paper get caught in your toilet drain. If this is the case, then you will only experience problems with that drain. These drain clogs can often be fixed with DIY methods like plunging. We do not recommend using store-bought products to clean your drains. These chemicals often aggravate the problem and can crystallize the clog. If plunging doesn’t clear the drain, then call for professional clog removal services. Our plumbers usually use a drain snake to clear these clogs.

• Problem isolated to one drain
• Often can be fixed with plunging
• Clog is removed with a plumber’s snake

2) Clogs from Corrosion
If you have an older home with galvanized steel or zinc-coated pipes, then corrosion may build up in your drains. The corrosion drastically reduces the size of the pipe and can even close it completely. Corroded pipes can be cleaned with a method called hydro jetting in which a hose with pressurized water is snaked into the drains and clears them completely. You can learn more about this on our drain cleaning page.

• Main symptoms include slow-draining drains and poor water flow
• Symptoms will be evident in multiple drains
• Drains are cleaned with hydro jetting

3) Clogs in the Sewer Main
Clog rooter services are mainly used with sewer main clogs. Sewer mains are much larger than the other drainage pipes in your home, so they don’t clog easily. However, one common cause of sewer clogs in Newport Beach is tree roots. The tree roots are drawn towards the sewer main because of the moisture and the tiny roots can invade the sewer through joints and cracks. The roots then begin to grow, forming a huge mass. The sewer clog will prevent waste water from all your drains from exiting, meaning you will have serious problems. You usually see the problems with your toilets first as these are the most direct connection to the sewer main, but symptoms can occur with any drain.

• Clog will cause problems with multiple drains
• Symptoms include drain backups, gurgling sounds in toilet, and unusual reactions – such as water coming out of bath drain when you use the laundry machine
• Clog is usually removed with a sewer rooter

How We Get Rid of Sewer Clogs
Our plumbers are licensed and highly experienced in dealing with all types of residential and commercial plumbing problems. In addition to their years of experience, they also have some of the best plumbing equipment available to help them accurately diagnose your drain problem. Your drains will be fully inspected using video cameras. Not only can we see exactly what is causing the clog and where it is located, but we can identify potential problems such as corroded pipes and cracks.

If inspection shows that you have a clog in your sewer main, in almost all cases the clog will be cleared using a sewer rooter. A sewer rooter machine has a metal hose which is connected to a motor. At the end of the hose is a set of sharp teeth. The motor spins the hose so the teeth can break up any clog in its path.

Clog rooter machines are very powerful and can break through even the toughest clogs. It is important that you only hire a specialist for clog rooter services. In the wrong hands, a rooter machine can actually tear through your pipes.

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• Trucks equipped with everything needed for on-the-spot drain and sewer repairs
• State-of-the-art plumbing equipment
• Same-day service and 24/7 emergency services
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